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The Nordic concept is a product that enables you to lend the enviroment a helping hand while giving you the satisfaction of driving a car with blistering performance and outstanding comfort.

Nordic brings to the market a complete range of aftermarket conversions towards renewable fuels and of course our performance kits that has earned us a market leading position within the Saab tuning world.

All our provided concepts have been developed and tested in house. Our 30 year long experience with SAAB both as technicians and race drivers has given us invaluable knowledge of the SAAB cars. Many details throughout our product range are a direct result of our experience in SAAB racing on racetracks around the world.

The Nordic concept enhances the total experience and joy of driving a car while at the same time contributing to a cleaner enviroment.

Enhancing your car with a Nordic system makes it outstanding in power as well as safety while decreasing it's impact on the enviroment.

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